The story behind Bloc Solutions

Bloc Solutions started in 2016 because of a recurrent problem encountered by many landlords and property managers.

The real estate market really needed a management tool that would allow the property managers to:

  • Save time in their daily routine
  • Centralize their documents and their communications in a single place

That’s how Bloc Solutions was born, filling the technological gap imposed by the market.

Bloc Solutions set the stage on fire on the show Dans l’oeil du Dragon!

We impressed 3 of the Dragons: Isabèle Chevalier, Dominique Brown and Georges Karam. Watch the best moments, like when we literally set the stage on fire and the deal that we struck with one of the Dragons!


Generating and signing a lease

The interest and commitment of many clients are confirmed! It’s now possible to generate a lease online.

bold text The clients are there, our team is growing and the app is now available for everyone.


Launching the app

The clients are there. The team is still expanding. The app is now available for everyone.


The team is expanding

The proof of concept is done. The clients are there. 6 computer programmers join the team. We’re moving forward very quickly with the development.


Development of management tools

The team conducts an extensive market survey and realizes that no software is accommodating the needs of the clients who own less than 100 units. We then start the development of the platform as we know it today.


The early beginning of Bloc Solutions

Everything began with a property manager asking us to develop a business process that would allow him to improve the management of its 75 units. The purpose of that? Allow him to get more units while keeping the same level of working hours.